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Tax exemption procedure for consumption tax, etc.

Tax exemption in this Group is a tax exemption for “consumption tax, etc.” and is irrelevant to tariffs, etc. in other countries.

Tax exemption for non-residents

(1) Consumption tax, etc. will be exempted for non-residents such as foreign travelers visiting Japan from abroad for certain goods purchased in each actual store of the Group under certain requirements for the purpose of bringing the goods out of Japan as souvenirs or private use items. The tax exemption amount is as follows.

・General goods:
 The total selling price per day for 1 non-resident at the same store is 5,000 yen or more.
・Consumable goods:
 The total selling price per day for 1 non-resident at the same store is within a range from 5,000 yen to 500,000 yen.
・In the case of adding up:
 Same condition as consumable goods. (※”General goods” requires special packing with “Consumable goods”.)

In this case, “non-resident” means people who are within 6 months of entering Japan, and who have a landing permit stamp in their passport which is not a re-entry permit when entering the country.

(2) In the tax exemption procedure, since we have to receive a passport, crew landing permission letter, etc. from the buyer (non-resident) and paste the export duty-free goods purchase record ticket with the fact of the purchase on this , please be sure to bring your passport, etc (a copy is not allowed). However, please not that a “landing crew landing permit” will not be subject to tax exemption.

(3) Customers who have a status of residence in their passport of “diplomat” or “official use” will be eligible for tax exemption even after six months or more after entry into Japan.。

(4) If you are a Japanese citizen living in a foreign country and have left Japan for more than 2 years or living abroad, when you temporarily return to Japan, you can do the tax exemption procedures if you bring your passport.

In addition, please feel free to contact each store regarding the distinction between general goods and consumable items.

Tax exemption for residents

Residents leaving Japan for reasons such as overseas travel can have tax exemption for general goods carried out upon leaving Japan if they meet all of the 3 requirements listed below. However, the amount of consumption tax, etc. will be paid and will be kept in our Group. When the customer leaves Japan, make an application with the Customs Director and receive an export certificate application, etc., and we will refund the consumption tax, etc. amount after a valid export certificate application, etc. is returned to our Group. It will take several weeks until the customer refuses the amount of consumption tax, etc. after application. In addition, the customer will do the application itself at their own risk.The tax exemption is as follows.

(1) As provided for gifts, it is obvious that general goods are not carried out when going back to Japan or re-entering the country, or used or consumed for over 2 years at the destination.

(2) The amount of consideration for each of the general goods must be more than 10,000 yen.

(3) This must have been purchased within the Group’s actual store (export goods selling place). In case the tax exemption procedure requirements above are met, we will prepare the required documents and the “envelope for returning an export certificate” for the tax exemption procedure in our Group. Refunds of a consumption tax, etc. will be paid when you visit our store or paid by bank transfer. If you would like to make a bank transfer, please prepare your account information such as the payee’s bank account.

Consumption tax, etc. exemption for diplomats, etc.

(1) Consumption tax and other exemptions, etc. for foreign diplomatic establishments are subject to the following: embassies, libraries, consulates, etc. and ambassadors, ministers and consular officials, and these are limited to embassies, etc. and ambassadors, etc. who received issuance of a certificate (tax exemption card) issued by the Foreign Minister’s secretariat. Present a “tax exemption card” when purchasing items, and please submit the “tax exemption purchase table for foreign museums, etc.” which state the necessary items.

(2) Please keep in mind that the range subject to tax exemption and the minimum purchase price are specified respectively in the “tax exemption card”.

(3) Landing permit stamp in a passport when entering Japan if you are diplomat, etc. who does not have a “tax exemption card” For those who have a status of residence in your passport of “diplomat” or “official use”, they will be eligible for tax exemption even after six months or more after entry into Japan.

Tax exemption due to overseas shipments

If you purchase goods in our Group and we ship them directly overseas as an exporter, there is no deposit, etc. of consumption tax, etc. and you can shop duty-free, as our Group will perform tax exemption procedures on your behalf. Please feel free to contact each store for details.