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Akky Group Store Introduction

Akky International Co., Ltd.
Main Store

TEL 03-5207-5027
FAX 03-5207-5564
Business hours 10:30~19:00

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Akky International Co., Ltd.

TEL 03-5297-6191
FAX 03-5297-6192
Business hours 10:30~19:00

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Akky One
Akihabara Store (CLOSE)

Business hours

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Akky One
Nagoya Store

TEL 052-249-8688
FAX 052-249-8690
Business hours 10:00~19:00

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Akky One Nagoya Store

Store entrance

A store that handles multiple languages in the Osu Shopping District on Banshoji-Dori
The store is on busy Banshoji-dori in the Osu Shopping District, one of the most vibrant in Japan. In addition to overseas home appliances, we handle watches, perfumes, suitcases and Japanese souvenirs such as dolls and swords. Of course, many visitors come to our stores, not only tourists, but Japanese people going abroad or for business trips, foreigners in Japan, trainees and international students.

In-store information

Japanese souvenir corner

Only the Akky One Nagoya store handles these kinds of souvenirs!! There are local goods unique to Nagoya as well!!

Japanese souvenir corner

There are many Japanese people who come to purchase souvenirs for overseas business trips and assignments and students overseas!

Japanese souvenir corner

We are also exhibiting a large amount of very popular imitation swords!! With these you can also become a samurai!

A lot of watches are on display

We are handling a lot of attractive watches such as Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Ricoh and ADEX. There are ideal as presents!

Overseas electrical products

We have a lot of stock of products with overseas voltages and multi-language instruction manuals. Don’t worry even if you buy too much. We are also handling suitcases!

3-25-25 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011
Business hours
10:00-19:00 (7 days a week)
5 minutes on foot from Exit No. 2 at Osu Kannon Station, Subway Tsurumai Line
5 minutes on foot from Exit No. 8 at Kamimaezu Station, Subway Tsurumai Line
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Customers using trains – Access from Nagoya Station

【From Nagoya Station】
○about 13 minutes

Nagoya Subway Higashiyama Line
(transfer at Fushimi Station)
Nagoya Subway Tsurumai Line –
Get off at Osu Kannon Station

【From Chubu International
Airport Station】
○about 110 minutes

Meitetsu Airport Line μ-Sky
(transfer at Kanayama Station)
Nagoya Subway Meijo Line –
Get off at Kamimaezu Station