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Akky Group Store Introduction

Akky International Co., Ltd.
Main Store

TEL 03-5207-5027
FAX 03-5207-5564
Business hours 9:00~20:00

Store details

Akky International Co., Ltd.

TEL 03-5297-6191
FAX 03-5297-6192
Business hours 9:00~20:00

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Akky One
Akihabara Store

TEL 03-3253-4790
FAX 03-3253-4789
Business hours 9:00~19:00

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Akky One
Nagoya Store

TEL 052-249-8688
FAX 052-249-8690
Business hours 10:00~20:00

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Online store
Experienced staff provide product information unique to a specialty
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Akky One Akihabara Store

Building appearance

Store entrance

We have an abundant stock of the latest overseas home appliances and Japanese souvenirs.
1 minute walk from the Akihabara Station Electric Street Exit. This will be the largest store of the AKKY Group.
We have an abundant stock of the latest overseas home appliances, watches and various kinds of Japanese souvenirs. In addition, there are staff members who can provide multilingual support and provide kind support to select products. Please come and visit our stores.

In-store information

Cooking appliances/kitchen appliances corner

We have an abundant stock of products such as the latest overseas home appliances and convenient kitchen equipment.

Watch corner

Watches from all over the world are arranged! The corner has a wide range of products from the best watches made in Japan to luxury watches for souvenirs.

Beauty parlor corner

We are handling the latest beauty equipment such as popular brands in beauty salons, which are perfect gifts for your family and friends. Seasonal fairs are also held!

Cosmetics corner

We have famous brand products, skin-friendly horse-oil soap and creams. We respond to customers’ needs in a wide range of age groups

School bag/suitcase corner

Made in Japan school bags. This is a product that Japan is proud of, made by school bag craftsmen with all of their hearts for your child’s smile.

Souvenirs (folk crafts corner)

We handle an abundant amount of souvenirs unique to Japan. Cute souvenirs! Interesting souvenirs! Please use these items as souvenirs for people overseas.

Cutlery/kitchen knives corner

We have a unique kitchen knife group stocked from items made with traditional Japanese swordsmith techniques to unique items.

Foreign currency automatic currency exchange machine

The machine handles 12 types of currencies. An automatic money changer which can exchange “foreign currency to Japanese yen”. It is installed on the 2nd floor of the main store. Handled currency: US Dollar, RMB, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, British Pound, Singapore Dollar, Korean Won, Thai Baht

1-15-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Business hours
9:00~19:00(7 days a week)
(JR Keihin Kyuko Line・JR Yamanote Line ・JR Sobu Line・Hibiya Line・TX)Akihabara Electric street entrance
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Customers using JR – Access from the Tokyo metropolitan area

○JR Get off at Akihabara Station
 Electric Street Exit

【From Tokyo Station】
○about 3 minutes

JR Yamanote Line /
JR Keihin Tohoku Line

【From Shinjuku Station】
○about 17 minutes

JR Chuo Sobu Line

○about 13 minutes
JR Chuo Line (Ochanomizu Station
 Transfer) –
JR Chuo Sobu Line-

【From Ikebukuro Station】
○about 15 minutes

JR Yamanote Line

【From Shinagawa Station】
○about 15 minutes

JR Yamanote Line /
JR Keihin Tohoku Line

Customers using the subway

【From Ginza Station】
○about 9 minutes

Ginza Line
 (Get off at Suehirocho Station)
  minutes on foot

【From Shinjuku Station】
○about 13 minutes

Toei Shinjuku Line
 (Get off at Iwamotocho Station)
 7 minutes on foot

【From Ikebukuro Station】
○about 17 minutes

Marunouchi Line
 (Ochanomizu Station Transfer)-
JR Chuo Sobu Line